Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve been “Renea”, “Lady Mo”, and finally – “Rachiel Renea”. We try so hard to look like and be someone we are not. My true identity is Rachiel Renea. That’s who my parents called me to be. Once you appreciate your true identity, you learn to be who God created you to be.

I’m thankful for you not passing judgment on me as I have learned to ACCEPT me. Rachiel means motherly. Renea means rebirth. Those two words fit my description perfectly! I seem to always have the answer and I’m constantly performing self check ups. Self evaluation is key to total performance and development. I don’t know it all, but I love research and I love spending time with God which allows for increased wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

I have a beautiful family, great friends, and peace! I’m excited about what the Lord has in store for 2021. He’s purposeful, resourceful, and intentional. 2020 was created to be a season of growth. COVID-19 was brought to sever ties, break bondage, and yoke. Growth is always uncomfortable, but if you remain out of your comfort zone, then you will always be uncomfortable and ready for growth.

Instead of pondering on what 2020 “looked” like, ponder on the strength you developed, the growth you obtained, and the levels you gained!

Be thankful! You’re still here, that means there’s more work, opportunities, and abilities for you. Keep pushing!